The Dish-Draining Cupboard

The DryCupboard™ dish-draining cupboard program allows you to turn a normal cabinet in your kitchen into an elegant space-saving solution.

Just wash your dishes normally (whether by hand or in the machine), then skip the step of drying them: put them directly away in your new draining cupboard above your sink. The dishes dry on their own inside the cupboard. When they finish drying, they’re already put away! The draining cupboard looks exactly like all your other cabinets when it’s closed, concealing its secret innovation and the dishes it is drying.

DIY Dish Drainer Cabinet

Our easy do-it-yourself program provides simple step-by-step instructions on how to build your own dish-draining cupboard. Whether you’d like to modify an existing cupboard or build a new cabinet dish drainer to your own specifications, with the DryCupboard™ DIY program, you’ll have an impressive, elegant solution that will save you time and counter space.

On two DVDs, we provide videos of friendly professionals guiding you through the process of making your own dish-drainer cabinet. Converting one of your existing cupboards is a snap, and our approach is so simple and straightforward that there’s no experience required on your part. In addition to the two DVDs, you’ll get a written instruction guide to get you started as quickly as possible, as well as additional information about the history of dish-draining cupboards.

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We stand behind our program with a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If it’s not as easy as we say, or if you aren’t completely satisfied with the time-saving power of your dish-draining cupboard, we’ll give you your money back.

Dish draining closet

Designed in Finland in the 1940s, the dish-draining cupboard was invented by Maiju Gebhard for the Finnish Association for Work Efficiency. They calculated that the average housewife spent over 30,000 hours of her life drying dishes. Using the dish-draining cupboard eliminates the need for that entire process, and today almost every kitchen in Finland has one.

Dish-draining cupboards (also called “dish draining closets”) have spread throughout mainland Europe and are now also found all over the UK and Ireland — but they’re impossible to find here in North America. That’s where we come in. Order our DIY program to restore order to your kitchen, save time and impress your friends.

How it works:

By making a few simple modifications to one of your normal dish cabinets, we show you how to make an innovative, green improvement to your kitchen. And by using less electricity in the washing and drying process, you’ll be saving money and helping the environment, too.

Your new dish-draining cupboard will work by letting the dishes drip-dry after putting them away, out of sight. In European homes, this cupboard is usually located above the kitchen sink, which allows the dishes to drip directly into the sink. But you probably have a window above your sink instead.

Not to worry; we have a special innovation to take care of just this issue, and we promise your kitchen will look just as good as ever. Actually better yet, because it won’t have the clutter of all those dishes drying out in the open!