The dish-draining cupboard (also called a “dish draining closet”) is a time- and space-saving invention by Finnish inventor Maiju Gebhard. It speeds up the drying process of washed dishes, and can even make the entire hand-drying phase unnecessary.

In the ’40s, Gebhard noted that drying washed dishes by hand or putting them into a dish-drying rack before putting them away created unnecessary work. Gebhard’s idea was to put the dish draining rack directly into the cupboard above the countertop or kitchen sink, and open the bottom of the cupboard so the dishes could drain on their own and dry in place. That way, an entire phase of normal household upkeep could be skipped. According to Gebhard’s calculations, the average housewife spent almost 30,000 hours of her life washing and drying dishes.

Developed for the Finnish Association for Work Efficiency in the 1940s, the Finnish Invention Foundation has named the dish-draining cupboard one of the country’s most important innovations of the millennium. However, while dish-draining cupboards are celebrated within Europe, outside of the continent they are very difficult to find.

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Dish draining closet